Regie / Music Video

Entfreunde Dich


A clear political statement against the shift to the right in our society, packed into a great song with a great beat.
It was a lot of fun to work with such great people on this really important project.

Tamara Banez is an inspiring artist who really has something to say. Support her.

Produktion & Team


Text & Komposition: Tamara Banez
Produktion: monojo aka Johannes Weisgerber, Tamara Banez
Label & Verlag: Sturm & Klang, Alisa Wessel Musikverlag


Regie: David Hoepfner
Kamera: Thomas Wozny
Schnitt: David Hoepfner, Thomas Wozny
Produktion: David Hoepfner, Dominik Wolf
Equipment + Technik: Thomas Wozny
Hair + MakeUp: Katharina Six-Schoock :: Six Sense
Protagonist*innen + Team: Dominik Wolf, Sophie Scheufen, Liv Stephan, Malek M’Hiri, Res, Christian Huber, Katrin Fleischmann, Janina Riedrich, Martin Thoma, David Hoepfner, Monja, Marion Wagner, Wilhelm Sträßer