Munich based photographer and visual storyteller .

For me, photography is so much more than a deep look through the lens or pressing  the shutter release button.

Photography is art: capturing the magic of the moment while having full control over light and setting. Taming the raw and unpredictable nature with fitting technical means and perfect timing.

Photography is the people you work with – in front of and behind the camera. But it’s also the long and lonely nights in post-production with countless cups of coffee and the same playlist over and over again, striving for the unfolding of perfection. It’s passion and creativity meeting specific goals, budgets and deadlines.

I walk the fine line between these apparent opposites every day, and that’s what makes my work so unique.


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Making Of

In addition to my work for agencies and clients, I was allowed to participate in several research projects. These took me across Europe as well as to Egypt and Sri Lanka. I am very grateful for these very rewarding experiences.