Psychiatrie Haar

Mit anderen Augen

Location: Psychiatrie Munich Haar

Web: Photodoc-Psychiatrie

The photos were taken in cooperation with Raphael Glaser.


The documentation of the abandoned rooms of the psychiatric clinic Haar is for me first and foremost an emotional project.

The inner turmoil that meets the tranquility of the now so empty rooms, the strong contrasts and plays of light that make the ambivalent emotions of this place visually tangible.

All of this should and can be seen as an exploration of the theme of mental illness.

The graphic conception of the photographs preserves a certain neutral point of view, which should allow the viewer to question himself. What would it be like for me in this place?

Ideally, Raphael’s and my photographs, through their insights, make a small contribution to opening up the subject of mental illness and thus to greater acceptance in society.

Exhibition Opening 03 May 2022

The buildings on the site of the Isar-Amper-Klinikum München-Ost / Haar II have not been used since 2017. As a result, work began on converting the historic clinic buildings into residential buildings in an art nouveau park. This gave rise to the idea of photographically documenting the vacant buildings in order to preserve the memory of the history of the psychiatric hospital grounds, which were built around 1910.

The photo documentation makes the changes to the former hospital buildings visible and is complemented by a vernissage with a lecture by Dr. Andreas Belwe on the image of man in psychiatry, society’s understanding of mentally ill and „normal“, and the methods and forms of therapy used in institutional psychiatry up to deinstitutionalization and outpatient treatment. – The focus is also on the turning point in psychiatry around 1900, which aimed for a humane treatment of patients.