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Thank you to all the men involved in this project.

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XY project deals with the topic of masculinity and the discrepancy between social expectations and personal needs.

The development of society is closely connected to the self-image of the people living in it, i.e. also very centrally to the definition of gender of each individual.

Stereotypical patterns have been strongly broken in recent decades, but are still massively anchored in our lives and thinking.

This very ambivalent field accompanies us every day and in all our actions. 

The discrepancy between the personal needs of the human being and the conditioned expectations of the role of „man“ is evident in its diversity. 

With the help of portraits and interviews, the self-image of the broadest possible cross-section of society is captured.

The documentation of these diverse opinions and experiences enables a reflection on the topic of masculinity and gives the man, who might be stuck in the role image of a certain type of man, the opportunity to reflect on himself.